Best Beef Ever

Have a taste of our best beef ever, all from Northern Ireland's best farmlands

SuperValu fresh meat carries our 100% Quality Guarantee ensuring our product is a cut above the rest. We sell 100% Farm Quality Assured Northern Irish beef and always have.

By continuously improving our local sourcing, process controls and ageing, the great tasting SuperValu quality that you always trust has now got even better. Drop in-store and sample the quality for yourself. Our expert butchers would be delighted to help you get the best out of our quality Northern Irish beef and SuperValu Ambassador Chef, Noel McMeel has also shared his top hints and tips for preparing, seasoning and cooking a variety of delicious beef dishes.

Enjoy our best beef ever with family and friends.



Northern Irish ‘soft-day’ weather means that farmers have luscious green grass, perfect for unbeatable beef.


We source from trusted farmers with quality herds across Northern Ireland to bring you better beef. All SuperValu meat comes with a 100% quality guarantee and is Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured.


A panel of consumers took part in a blind taste trial conducted by Loughry College and SuperValu’s new and improved beef scored higher on taste than Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer, Lidl and Asda.


We age our beef on the bone for longer to improve the taste and texture. As all off our prime steaks and roasts are matured for at least 21 days all our SuperValu meat comes with a 100% quality guarantee.

Picking Perfection

Follow these golden rules when choosing your perfect bit of beef:
  1. It should be ruby red in colour
  2. Look for a layer of firm, creamy white fat around the outside and light marbling
  3. The best tender cuts are from the back, rib and loin
  4. Cuts such as steak pieces, braising and brisket are great for slow cooking and braised dishes

Fingers & Thumbs

Use the palm of your hand as a measurement.
With your thumb closed over like a scouting salute the hardness of your muscle is the same density as a well done steak.
With your thumb curled in like a soldier’s salute, it’s the same hardness as a medium steak.
With your thumb straight out the muscle at the base of your thumb is the same density as a rare steak.

The warm-up

Take your steak out of the fridge 20 minutes before cooking it for best flavour.

Oil it up

Oil the steak, not the pan, brushing it on both sides with SuperValu Olive Oil