Estelle is passionate about staying fit and healthy, by feeding our bodies with fresh, wholesome food, together with gentle exercise.

Personal trainer, nutritionist, certified wellness coach, founder of Shrink and most importantly a mum, our Wellness Ambassador Estelle Wallace can’t wait to share her tips on how to eat yourself healthier.

Estelle believes in feeding the body with healthy, wholesome food and introducing gentle exercises to develop and maintain good health and wellbeing. As a busy mum, she understands how hectic life can be and she has developed a range of smoothies, specifically designed to help boost our energy levels.

“Like SuperValu, I am big supporter of buying local produce. And whenever possible I always buy fresh, organic local meats, fruits and veg. I also love diary and look forward to sharing my guilt-free recipes with you that are both healthy and tasty.”

With Estelle’s guidance, inspiration and motivational tips, we can all look forward to a healthier future!