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Frankly my dear, we do give a damn!

Frank and Honest are delighted to announce its commitment to become the first national coffee brand to move to 100% Compostable Coffee Cups. Frank and Honest, available in selected SuperValu, Centra and Mace stores, will replace all non-recyclable single-use coffee cups with a new compostable cup and lid from September this year. This new initiative has the potential to divert millions of coffee cups from landfill annually. The new compostable cups and lids can be organically recycled in the brown food waste bin and commercially composted locally, typically in a matter of weeks.

Fergal O’Kane, Musgrave, said: “Frank and Honest has a national geographical footprint with 630 locations across the island of Ireland, so this new initiative will help move towards a more sustainable Northern Ireland. “Last month, Musgrave and our SuperValu and Centra brands, were named ‘Green Retailer of the Year’ for the development of our ambitious new three-year sustainability strategy.  So, by offering customers only compostable Frank and Honest cups, we are further building on our commitment to sustainability and improving the planet.”

Local business owner and passionate recycler, Nicola Bryce-Ward, said: “As a business owner, I realise how important recycling and composting is and I always encourage people at the gyms I own to be mindful of the planet and how our choices can adversely affect it.  To hear that a huge brand like Frank and Honest is doing the same thing is admirable and I would like to applaud them for their incredible move to offering only compostable cups to its customers.  It will certainly encourage me to drink only Frank and Honest and I will be telling all of my customers to do the same!” The certified compostable coffee cups will be made from plant-based materials. After use, they can go in the brown bin and will biodegrade with food waste in under 12 weeks, creating nutrient-rich compost to feed Northern Ireland soils.

Frank and Honest is available at selected SuperValu, Centra and Mace stores in over 70 locations in Northern Ireland including the first sit-in café in SuperValu Comber. Find out the handiest place for you to get some Frank and Honest goodness at