Eton Mess
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Eton mess is a traditional dessert which is sumptuous mess of crunchy meringue, tart strawberries and rich fresh cream.
15Mins Prep Time
60Mins Cook Time
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Cooking Instructions

  1. Preheat oven to 110°C and line the tray with grease proof paper. Whisk the eggs whites to a stiff peak and your sugar.
  2. As you whisk, gradually let the sugar drift into the whites little by little so that, by the end of whisking, you have stiff whites. Use a spatula to spread the whipped whites over the tray.
  3. For an eton mess, the meringue will be crushed, so the shape is not too important.
  4. Once fully spread, transfer to the oven to dry out and crisp. This can take 1 hour, but check it after the first 45 minutes depending on your oven.You can remove the meringue when it sounds hollow and brittle when you tap it.
  5. Whisk the cream until lightly whipped.
  6. Place 200g strawberries in to a bowl with 4 tbsp icing sugar and blend. Sieve into a bowl to remove any seeds from the strawberries.
  7. Add half the strawberries to the cream and stir in. Break up the meringue into rough one-inch-sized bits, and add most (but not all) of the meringue to the cream.
  8. Layer up the cream in glasses (tumblers or martini glasses will work), alternating layers of the cream then sauce with some of the leftover strawberries and meringue.
  9. Finish the eton mess with some strawberries, crunchy meringue and strawberry sauce.