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I doubt anyone requires guidance on choosing a suitable beer for St. Patrick’s Weekend! So I’ll focus my attention on a suitable wine or great cocktail.

Irish Stew & Italian Rosso – a spiritual experience!

With our Italian Wine Sale coinciding with St. Patrick’s weekend, and Italy producing so many food friendly reds, I’d highly recommend pairing our Tuscan red – Castellani Arbos Sangiovese @ £7 with your homemade Irish Stew.

Alternatively, if you’re choosing to make your stew with beef, look further south in Italy and try our Tombacco Aglianico @ £8. If you’ve never tried Aglianico, this star of Southern Italy is considered to be one Italy’s top 3 wine grapes. Its full-body and rich tannins make it a perfect match for a rich hearty stew.








Try Boxty & Chablis – Saintly Syns!

For many of us Boxty was something we only saw on the food menus of Irish bars in America. Surprisingly, Slimming World have now managed to revive the world of potato pancakes and introduced it to a whole new generation in Northern Ireland. The Boxty pancake may be very low in syns, but for a more sinful treat I’d highly recommend topping your Boxty with crème fraiche and Irish Smoked Salmon with a side of Chablis wine! The fresh, crisp, citrusy minerality of our Andre Goichet Chablis @ £12 will pair beautifully with this luxury Boxty treat.








And to finish….. the greatest Irish Cocktail ever…

The Irish Coffee! No debate required, just a simple recipe….

Perfect Irish Coffee Recipe

  • 35ml Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • 1 cup of Freshly Brewed Coffee
  • 1 teaspoon of Brown Sugar
  • Topping of Lightly Whipped Double Cream
  • Optional grating of nutmeg on top