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What’s the best wine you’ve ever had?

My favourite wine certainly wasn’t the most expensive one I’ve tried. The best wines are the ones that connect me with a person, event or place.

The bottle of champagne we shared after spending my childhood savings on an engagement ring! That glass of Vintage Port from my birth year, which wasn’t a great vintage regardless of what my mum says! Or, as a massive Man Utd fan, when I got to try Alex Ferguson’s favourite wine at a tasting (his wine collections are even more impressive than his trophy collections!)

How much should I spend on a bottle of wine?

As much as you can justify! Only joking – you really don’t have to spend a lot to get a really good wine but it’s definitely worth spending a few extra £’s every so often.

If you think of value as quality per £, £7 – £10 is actually where the best value exists. As government duty and packaging on a standard wine is fixed, generally speaking you are getting 4 times the quality of wine inside a £7.50 bottle than in a £5 bottle…. confused?! The illustration below explains it best…

Does all wine improve with age? 

The vast majority of wines are made to be enjoyed now and will probably not improve with age. Generally speaking most red wines remain in good condition for at least 5 years, while most everyday white and rosé wines have a 2/3 year life span.

So what allows some wines to age for longer? Well without getting too nerdy it’s the combination of many things like flavour, complexity, acidity, tannins (red wines) and even alcohol levels.

If you are lucky to have a wine that’ll age, remember to store it in a cool, dark place where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate. The cupboard underneath the stairs is probably best if you haven’t already invested in a small wine fridge or a multi-million pound wine cellar!

How long should I keep my Birthday bubbles for? 

For as long as it takes it to chill and invite your mates round! The vast majority of champagne is being sold to be drunk now, not kept. Unless that special occasion is in the next few months, I’d say stop saving it. Chill it down, pick up a fish supper and enjoy one of the best food and wine matches .

Is there any better match than a steak and Malbec?

It really is a match made in heaven, a combination that works so well. But there are so many other classic matches worth trying; lamb with Cabernet Sauvignon, spaghetti bolognese and Chianti, a Pot of Mussels with a Sauvignon Blanc or Roast Chicken with Chardonnay. But for me it’s the Fish&Chips and Champagne combination, Friday night bliss!