Butcher's Cooking Guide

One of our butchers' favourite parts of their job is talking to customers. Our butchers love to
share their expertise and tips. Below is just a flavour of the advice that they can give.


01Take your steak out of the fridge 20 minutes before cooking it.
02Heat your pan, griddle or BBQ until smoking hot with a little oil.
03Only turn the steaks when they are seared on each side. Resist the temptation to fiddle with them! You want nice dark searing which won’t happen if you keep moving them.
04Don’t serve them immediately. Let the meat rest for 5 minutes, wrapped in foil so the juices are drawn back into the steak.
05If you have chosen one of our delicious butters, pop the butter on top of the cooked steak and allow to melt.


With your thumb straight out the muscle at the base of your thumb is the same density as a RARE steak.


With your thumb curled in like a solder salute, it's the same hardness as a MEDIUM steak.


With your thumb closed over like a scouting salute the hardness of your muscle is the same density as a WELL DONE steak.



Approx. cooking time for each side

Fillet Steak

4.5 - 5 cm Thickness

Rare3-4 minutes
Medium Rare4-5 minutes
Medium5-6 minutes
Well Done6.5-8 minutes


2 - 3 cm Thickness

Rare2.5-3 minutes
Medium Rare3-4 minutes
Medium4-5 minutes
Well Done5.5-7 minutes


3 cm Thickness

Rare4-4.5 minutes
Medium Rare5-6 minutes
Medium6-7.5 minutes
Well Done8-10 minutes