Food Hacks

We can’t guarantee the sun, but we can guarantee some helpful ideas and tips on making your summer gatherings more memorable.

When life gives you lemons, make ice cubes! Fruit infused ice cubes will give your water a burst of flavour on a hot day.

Make a thumbprint in your burgers before barbecuing. It will help them to cook more evenly.

Freeze your grapes for a delicious, guilt free snack.

Wrap the top of your bananas to keep them fresh for longer.

Keep bugs away from your drinks by covering the top with a bun case and adding a straw.

Enjoy homemade ice lollies with a twist. Add a dash of alcohol for the perfect Summer treat.

Perfectly dice your avocados for guacamole with a potato masher.

If you need to cool your wine in a hurry, wrap the bottle in a wet dishcloth and pop in the fridge for 15 minutes.