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The ultimate Mother’s Day treat – a fine Wine smelling of roses!

Most of us dare not appear home on Mother’s Day without the customary chocolates or flowers, while the braver or slightly more talented might cook for their lucky mums.  Whichever you opt for, boost your gift with a great bottle of wine from our tips below:

Wine with Chocolates & Forgotten Roses

Wine and chocolate are two of life’s great pleasures, with something different to suit every mother.

If your mum loves dark chocolate, gift a bottle of our Wine of the Month San Telmo Malbec @ £6 along with your box of chocolates. A rich dark chocolate will highlight the concentration of fruits in this Argentinean Red wine treat.

For mothers who prefer white chocolate, you’re in definitely in luck. White Chocolate matches really well with most wines, whether they’re dry, medium or sweet wines. An excellent pairing for a few chunks of white chocolate would be a lighted bodied red, like our Beaujolais Villages from Andre Goichot  @ £8.


While the milk chocolate loving mums are best advised to enjoy their wine and chocolate separately. Rarely does milk chocolate improve the wine, or vice versa.  In this case, forget the chocolate and splash out on a treat wine like Ricossa Barolo @ £16 – this Italian classic is famed for intense aromas of red fruit and floral notes. So with a Barolo, your Mum is getting the enjoyment of a fine wine plus the bouquet of roses you may have forgotten to buy!